Photo of Zixiao Wang

Zixiao Wang

Chinese Students & Scholars Association: Vice President

I am a first-year Ph.D. student in Civil-engineering department. This is my fifth year in Imperial, after spending the previous four in RSM at Earth Science Department as an undergraduate.

I am recently serving the role of Representative to Union Council (PG Engineering). I put the interest of the Imperial Chinese Student into first priority! In Union Council, I am fighting for the benefits of international students: urging the university to (1) reduce the tuition fee for the International student, (2) improve the "gold content" of one-year master's degree in the Chinese job market and (3) provide more campus bus between South Kensington and Woodlane.

There are 2.6k Chinese Students in Imperial! Ask our students, what they expect CSSA to do?

Not the club, not the party, not the entertainment ONLY!

Our undergraduates want good internship opportunities which can improve their CV !

Our master students want job opportunities which match their personal interest !

Our Ph.D. students want talent-opportunities which best fit their backgrounds and interests !

They are hundreds of Chinese companies, universities, and governmental agencies coming to Imperial every year! CSSA should strive for their interests! If I am elected, we will organize more job fair! I will approach and negotiate with HR: striving internship opportunities for undergraduates, more job offers for master-students and discussing talent-opportunities for Ph.D. students. This is the most important things that CSSA should do!

Don't be in silence, VOTE!

A better CSSA that works for every Imperial Chinese Student!