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Xiaotong Yuan

Chinese Students & Scholars Association: Chief Secretary

Hi! I’m Becky Xiaotong Yuan, a first-year Mathematics student, and I am standing for the CSSA Chief Secretary this year.
Being a current member of the Career Department of the CSSA, I have been involved in the event planning and publicity as well as on-site preparation and execution for more than twenty events including recruitment talks, workshops, and public lectures. In high school, I was the leader of a club and the subject mentor of the whole college. These responsibilities and roles taught me how to be a good leader, how to communicate and coordinate with people and how to organize things effectively.
Future plans:
1. Send out questionnaires regularly for feedback and suggestion to find out your ideas and preferences, then take actions accordingly to meet your needs and wants.
2. Keep a reference for different venues to ensure the most suitable venues are chosen for future events.
3. Organize more cross-departmental activities for members so that they can get more familiar with each other and activities which require cross-departmental coordination can go more smoothly.
During the past few months, I’ve seen many Chinese students, including myself, enjoyed the activities and opportunities offered by the CSSA. I therefore really wish that I could make my own contribution here to benefit more people. With my experience and skills, I believe that I am capable of fulfilling the role of the Chief Secretary.
Many thanks for reading through my manifesto! I would really appreciate it if you could vote for me:)