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Qianzhi Zhuang

Chinese Students & Scholars Association: Treasurer

I am Martina, a first year Mathematics student.
I would like to enhance my experience with Imperial college Union by taking on more responsibility through being CSSA's Treasurer.

I consider a good Treasurer to be someone who:
Is passionate about the work you do.
Is intuitive so can improvise and respond quickly to the task at hand.
Is independent and sociable as to work and lead in a team.
Constantly improves.

I believe these qualities have been best reflected in my involvement as working as the Head of Design&Advertising department in junior high school ,a prefect in Ruthin School and a member in accounting department this year.
Coming from a mathematical background, I am fully able to coordinate and handle the incomings and outgoings of the accounts and represent any reports if needed. I am also good at being organised and multitasking efficiently, such as setting up documents(especially excel) and presenting them nicely.
From previous roles and projects, I am confident working within team and as well as having a comprehensive set of communication skills.

Commitment is key component in any society.
I will committed to the post and its responsibilities, but also will be flexible in order to make sure that society runs smoothly.
Lastly, the most important thing of all is to create memorable experiences throughout our 3 years at university for both me and you!

Thank you for reading my Manifesto!
I would love the opportunity to be your Treasurer at CSSA next year!