Placeholder candidate photo

Rama Jha

Hindu Society: Vice-President

Pragna Kasetti (prk2018) and Rama Jha (rj4218)

We think we are the ideal candidates for vice-president, having already engaged with the Hindu Soc community. Having been involved in Rangoli and Winter Mela, both as performers and subcommittee, we have been proactive members and shown good marketing skills. Through these experiences, we know we work well as a team and being close friends has strengthened this relationship. We also believe we are approachable and sociable people who work well with others, which is a crucial characteristic of the VP position.

Being a part of subcommittee and acting as representatives for the society has enabled us to meet more of the community and gain an understanding of the running of potential events. Between the two of us, we have also previously organised dance shows, spoken about Hinduism to a range of people, and been in leadership roles (head girl, senior prefect), which give us the foundation to excel as VPs.

We have brainstormed a few ideas that we found exciting and think could potentially be implemented. Firstly, a week of teaching, where we explore hinduism, talk to others, set up stalls in buildings and run workshops (e.g. Bharatanatyam, Carnatic Music) to raise awareness about Hinduism and the society. This could also incorporate awareness about smaller festivals e.g. Sankranti. We were also thinking about introducing 'CHAI AND CHAAT' for the weekly chit-chat sessions.

Overall, we would really love the opportunity to run for VP together, where we believe we could make a difference.