Photo of Nidhi Jaju

Nidhi Jaju

Hindu Society: Design & Marketing Head

Hey! I’m Nidhi and I’m a 2nd Year EIE student running for Design & Marketing Head for Hindu Soc next year. You may know me as one of the Vice Presidents of this year’s committee, and the great experience I had this past year is one of main reasons why I am applying to be on committee again.

Art has been part of my life since I was little, which I took further by studying Visual Arts as part of my IB course at high school. I aim to carry this interest forward and develop better artistic tools in this role.

My design involvements this year in the society included:
- Assisted with design and planned decoration of major events (Rangoli and Winter Mela - both had a colourful display of traditional and contemporary design),
- Helped in design of all event posters (credits to our pres Big Shak), and
- Designed the Holi t-shirt (BIG REVEAL COMING UP).

Having experience as a core committee member of this society, I am well equipped with knowledge of how the union and college team works, which I am sure will be valuable for all our big plans next year :)