Photo of Radhika Patel

Radhika Patel

Hindu Society: Sewa Co-ordinator

Hello, we are Shreya (sb6017) and Radhika (rmp17) and we would love to be Hindu Soc’s next Sewa Coordinators. From an early age we have always been brought up to appreciate what we have and use it to give back to the community however we can. Having really valued the events that Hindu Society has thrown we feel we could use our ideas to get others just as excited :)

Both of us have experience in planning and taking part in many charity events. I (Radhika) have been a part of HSS UK since childhood which runs national events such as Sewa day and an annual volunteering camp for Hindus all over the country. Activities done included visiting care homes, charity bake sales, cleaning and serving food in temples, sponsored walkathons and much more. For three years I (Shreya), led a group that raised money to protect wildlife in India through bake sales and scavenger hunts. I also volunteer at daycare centres, old-age homes and at schools. Here at Imperial I am part of E.quinox society which promotes sustainable development in Rwanda.

So what can we bring to Hindu Society?
- Sewa Week, along with other societies
- Mandir trips for sewa
- Promoting smaller acts of sewa - clothes/book drives, creating sewa “charts”, and Hindu Soc calendars

Hopefully, we have convinced you we have the skills to take on this role. Not to mention, we make a great team ?.
So if you want a year full of fun and new events, vote for us! :)