Photo of Kajal Ruparell

Kajal Ruparell

Hindu Society: Sewa Co-ordinator

Hello, my name is Kajal and I'm a third-year medical student.
I have loved being a part of Hindu Society in my time at Imperial so far. I believe Sewa Week can be organised a lot better and have a better turn out than previous years. I am committed to making this happen and unite Hindus and non-Hindus for a week of giving back to the community.
Being a part of Hindu Society for the past 3 years, I have noticed that Sewa Week is not as popular as Charity Week in iSoc. I wish to change this. Sewa Week is a national event that brings people together to be charitable and selfless and to do good. I feel like there has been a lack of planning and passion in Sewa Weeks thus far and I want to change that. I have an aim to make Sewa Week as well known as Charity Week with as much attention and hype. To do this, there could be a potluck for brunch like BanglaSoc did this year, bake sales because I have a passion for baking and maybe movie nights and quizzes with competitions like a Gol Gappa competition. These events can ask for donations or we could price them so that profits can go to charity. The weeks should also educate people on the teachings of Hinduism- most importantly, Dharma.