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Abhinav Nair

Hindu Society: Culture Officer

Abhinav Nair and Sameed Shariq

We the lord the saviour of the United States of America would request complete cooperation from you son of a guns to elect us as your Supreme leader i.e. Cultural Officers.

Our drive to see the society succeed stems from our own incredible time with Rangoli and Winter Mela which were expertly executed. Having such engaging cultural opportunities offered to us inspired us to give back and contribute our own ideas to make these events bang even more:

1. Winter Mela at a bigger venue such as QTR or QT lawn
2. WM with a wider menu options of dishes of your liking
3. Opportunity to dance to some of your favourite music at Winter Mela
4. Ujaali performances in a bigger venue, with better food services

For every vote you give, we will plant a cow. Thank you for your attention.