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Zheng Wu

Finance: Head of Careers

Hi, I am Stacey Wu and I am running for the Head of Careers of Finance Society. Application to a finance job/internship is tedious and time-consuming. I personally encountered quite a few problems this year. From doing online research, to writing CV and preparing for psychometric tests, followed by a few more rounds of interviews, everyone feels exhausted and hopeless at some point, not to mention the fact that most people at imperial come from pure science and engineering background. From my application this year, I have developed my skills in job application especially to large banks and other financial firms. I believe I could fully use this skillset I gained to help me do the job as the head of career.

Here are my objectives for next year:

1. Make use of the society's resources to build up an interview preparation database which is commonly shared among members to help you better prepare your interviews and reasoning tests

2. Open up a career channel for sharing and exchanging more information regarding internship and graduate jobs and revise it frequently for most updated information

3. Work with President and Head of Alumni Network for more networking events with sponsors and alumni in the financial industry

4. Organise regular workshops on different aspects, such as, CV, reasoning and situational test as well as interviews to assist with the application

I will endeavour to work closely with the rest of the committee to make finance society better next year! Vote for me!