Photo of Yuhan Du

Yuhan Du

Finance: Head of Careers

Hi, my name is Yuhan Du, a second year Mathematics student.

The reason why I want to run for the Head of Careers is to help others who are about to embark on the same arduous application processes I felt uncertain and unconfident about at the very beginning. I want to provide an advantage and wider resources to our society members, so they can undergo a smoother process of obtaining spring weeks/internships/graduate roles.

My strengths that would make me the best candidate for this role include a passion to help others, and previous experience.

I received offers from J.P Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, Blackrock and M&G. I have learnt a lot about what makes a successful candidate and am keen to pass on my knowledge to other aspiring students like myself. Apart from that, I have made lots of connections across the wider finance industry who can share their stories and offer supports to our member.

In terms of what I will accomplish,
1. Run industry insights for Investment banks, asset managers, fintech firms to better understand their constituent divisions and roles
2. Support the application process through workshops including: CV/cover letter, online tests, competency and technical interviews, group exercises, general assessment center etiquette
3. Organize mentorship scheme with alumni and senior students with prior internship experience
4. Networking sessions with various finance sector alumni and provide sessions for students who have received offers to help convert to the next stage

Thanks a lot for supporting me!