Photo of Sami Osborn

Sami Osborn

Finance: Head of Careers

I want to be the Head of Careers within the Finance Society because I have a detailed understanding of how to receive an offer to work in finance, and I am motivated in helping others to achieve the same.

This year I received an offer as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at UBS, without previously having a spring week before. As such I will be well-suited to be the Head of Careers as I know what features makes someone employable.

Next year I will be undertaking an MSc in Finance, so I have a thorough understanding of the industry, able to give advice and help to those searching for a career in finance. In addition, since I will be studying at Imperial’s Business School, I will be around campus to join for meetings and discussions.

In this role I will help to organise careers events, important when deciding what career to pursue and how to go about achieving them.

When I was a Mathematics Academic Representative, I listened to students to improve their quality of education, and as Head of Careers I will be there to improve a member’s outcome in life.