Photo of Sami Osborn

Sami Osborn

Finance: Head of Education & Competitions

I want to be the Head of Education and Competitions in the Finance Society, since I understand that competitions are part of the thrill of working in finance, but also that a detailed understanding of finance is key to making successful decisions.

This year I have been a 3rd year Academic Representative for Maths, so I have been a vocal advocate for improving the education that students receive. I also know that different people take in information through various means, something which I have developed as being a tutor for maths and the sciences. This means that I will ensure that information can be well understood by all people. In this role I will be providing the educational advice to others as to how to receive a finance job offer and what they should be doing.

As for competitions, I won the Greater London Science and Technology Completion, so I understand how enjoyable they can be. I will be organising finance-based competitions, hopefully in both the primary and secondary markets to appeal to all members of the society.

Next year I will be undertaking an MSc in Finance to cement my understanding of the industry. With this new knowledge I will be able to make improvements of what to specifically inform members about, and to include a more varied range of tasks to be challenged on.