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Artem Voronov

Finance: Head of Education & Competitions

It is well known that competition for internships and full-time roles in finance is incredibly high because of abnormally large starting salaries, fast career growth, prestige, and networking potential. These attract the best applicants from top universities both from finance and STEM backgrounds. With hundreds of applications per position, differentiating between candidates suddenly becomes extremely challenging for recruiters, and even being on Dean’s list is not enough. Here is where FinSoc comes into play to help you tick all those other boxes.

• Education. For all finance roles, recruiters will expect at least a basic knowledge of finance and economics. I wish to expand and diversify the educational lectures, and most importantly set a higher quality standard. Move on from basic to advanced finance, introduce new courses for Quantitative Finance roles (Statistics and Stochastic methods, Financial Mathematics, Algorithmic Trading), as well as for Technology roles (Coding and Algorithms). Attract current PhDs and teaching staff from Imperial and Business School with relevant backgrounds and experiences to give these talks. Reach out to working professionals whenever possible.
• Competitions. Not only winning but simply participating in university finance competitions will give you an edge over other candidates. FinSoc hosts one of the largest (UIBS). Improving and promoting existing competitions will be a priority, but I also wish to focus on additional case competitions, hackathons/algothons, and trading. These could be tailored to prepare candidates for assessment centres both through acquired experience and as proof of interest in finance.

-Artem Voronov, MEng graduate, Year 1 PhD.