Photo of Sami Osborn

Sami Osborn

Finance: Head of Corporate Relations

As an active and motivated public speaker, I shall be an advocate for Imperial's Finance society, as the Head of Education and Competitions.

It will be my goal to improve the relationship this society has with corporate institutions. I would to be an effective negotiator for financial sponsorships since I can effectively sell the idea of this society.

When I was an Academic Representative, I forwarded the wishes of the people within Maths. Likewise, I will aim to improve corporate relations by conveying an understanding of how talented and enthusiastic this society is for working in Finance.

Since I will be working in finance next summer, and then studying MSc Finance next year, I have a thorough understanding of the industry, which will be vital during conversations. In addition, since I will be studying at Imperial's Business School I will be on campus to discuss with corporate representatives or with society members.

I am responsive to queries and suggestions from members of this society, and so I will take on any ideas as to who or how to increase the number of sponsorships we have.

Having stronger relations with financial institutions will lead to a better standing of Imperial Finance society members relative to their peers, and it will also provide the funding necessary to organise events such as company specific application advice or networking/ informational meetings. With this importance, it seems important for me to be in this position.