Photo of Roshan Shah

Roshan Shah

Finance: Head of Corporate Relations

Hey I’m Roshan, a 3rd year student, and I believe I would be a good choice for your Head of Corporate Relations.
I have been in a sponsorship officer role before and I know the difficulties as well as some of the nuances of negotiating with potential sponsors. Utilising my previous experience as well as the network the society has already developed I will definitely be able to contribute to the sponsorship side of society financing as well as hopefully get some more presentations/networking events as I know this is something members would really benefit from.
A couple of ideas I had to change/maintain or revamp the corporate relations side of things:
• Want to negotiate more workshops/presentations/networking events with the big firms
• Utilise the alumni network to get a better understanding of the needs of the firm and how we can accommodate them
• A consolidated pitchbook with examples of previous sponsorships and the effectiveness
• Get feedback from previous sponsors about how they think we impacted their firm (students reached and so on)
That’s it! Hope I’ve convinced you to vote for me or given you some ideas to make the process more efficient/enjoyable!!