Photo of Rohan Sandhu

Rohan Sandhu

Finance: Head of Marketing

I'm Rohan, a 3rd year undergraduate in Civil Engineering.

I would be honoured to serve as your Head of Marketing for the 19'/20' year academic year. I have previous experience as a freelance graphic designer, gaining first-hand experience in developing new as well as established brands to reach and engage with their target audience and prospective clients.

Having attended several Finance Conferences, Finance Dinners, and a Spring Week experience with Deutsche Bank last year, I've developed a deeper understanding for qualities and distinctions that the Industry looks for in people as well as organisations. I will be able to utilise these past experiences to strengthen the presence of ICFS within the university as well is in the industry itself through increased web and social media presence, and an enormous effort in liaising with contacts working in the industry right now to get even more opportunities for you all to explore and help you on your journey to a career in financial services.

Thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto, I hope that it has proved persuasive! - Vote Rohan.