Photo of Chenshihui Lin

Chenshihui Lin

Finance: Head of Trips

Hi, my name is Chenshihui Lin and I am a second year Biochemist.
My motivation for being Finance Society Head of Trips is due to being passionate
about travel and exploring finance outside of the UK to further broaden career
I believe I am qualified due to my previous experience running on other committees
such as Entrepreneurs and Women in Business so know about organizing events
and working alongside sponsor firms. In addition, I have built up my relations at top
Banks with their HR and seniors through insight/assessment events) who are very
interested in me acting as an ambassador for their firms. I am also very experienced in
planning travel itineraries and finding the most discounts available. Most importantly I
am adaptable when faced with unexpected situations which will undoubtedly occur
when travelling with a large group of people.
Throughout my term I aim to:
Conducting a survey at the beginning of Fresher’s to all finance society members on
where they would like to go and why
Cut costs at the same as maximizing subsidies for the trip
Increase number of people that can go from 16 to 25
Make the selection process more unbiased and more diverse
Organize raffle to allow financially disadvantaged people access to the trip of a
Negotiate with corporations in our country of choice to let participants networking
opportunities and exclusive firm dinners
Giving participants more freedom to chose what happens on the trip through their