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Artem Voronov

Finance: President

Arguably, the main objective of Finance Society has always been helping members acquire internships and full-time positions in finance through educational events, career fairs, competitions and networking. This is evidently done very efficiently for committee members, less so for regular members, particularly considering the scarcity of available positions. To improve success rates, I propose the following.

• Expand and diversify the scope of lectures beyond basic finance concepts and introduce higher quality standards for lectures. New lecture courses for technology and quantitative finance roles, particularly focused on interview-relevant concepts such as essential algorithmic know-how, financial mathematics and statistical methods respectively. Incentivise current Imperial and Business School PhD students with suitable skills and experience to give these talks.
• Make use of member experience by creating FinSoc online forums where users could help each other with interviews/CVs/assessment centres by sharing their advice and past experiences.
• Introduce mentor scheme by creating a finance society alumni network, where graduates working in finance could offer advice and guidance to current members.
• Expand the number of finance competitions by hosting additional events with recruiter presence, whenever possible. Consider fintech hackathons/algothons, as well as case study competitions, which could also help prepare for assessment centres.
• Work together with Imperial career services for finance-specific CV workshops.
• Publish internship guide at start of recruiting season with essential info such as company application deadlines, CV checklists, company-specific advice, etc.
• Increase exposure and interaction with hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, fintech, and technology firms.

-Artem Voronov, MEng graduate, Year 1 PhD.