Photo of Alex Liu

Alex Liu

ABACUS: Publicity Officer

Calling all members of ABACUS!!!
It has come to my attention that the role of publicity officer will be available next year! So, I’m pleased to present to you candidate Alex!

Name: Alex Liu
Location: North West London
Age: 18
Ethnicity: BBC
Insta: @alexl_iu

• Proficient in CAD software such as Photoshop, Aesprite and MS paint etc.
• Enjoys to paint and create artwork in his spare time, thus has refined his artistic flare.
• One of the few A*Star GCSE art students, so you know he can create exceptional inspiring artwork worthy of being branded with the ABACUS name.
• Goes to 9am lectures (he lives at Woodward so it’s a long trek) and the gym regularly, so he has the dedication to put his 100% into being your PO, through thick and thin.
• Knows his way around a DSLR handy for taking quality photos of you guys at events, worthy of posting on your main Insta’s.
• ABACUS has been a huge part of his first year at imperial, making some of his closest friends through it and reconnecting with his Chinese culture after spending 18 years completely white washed. He definitely cares a lot about the society and wants to help make next year’s ABACUS the highlight of your year.
• Never fumbles a bag.
• Studies Computing.

• Studies Computing.

Vote your vote and help me secure the bag for you.