Photo of Sei Aoki

Sei Aoki

ABACUS: Junior Treasurer

Hi! My name is Seiya, and I’m a first year currently studying computing. Having been to the majority of events this year, ABACUS has become a core part of my first year at Imperial. It has been a source of many of my best memories here and has given me countless opportunities to find many new friendships as well as my best ones. To give back to the society, I am running to be the Treasurer of IC ABACUS for the following year.

I have always found curiosity in how the society is able to consistently bring amazing events whilst always maintaining reasonable prices, and it would be my pleasure to be able to both understand and control the financial side of ABACUS efficiently. Having had taken courses concerning financial knowledge in the past, I believe I can contribute well as the treasurer of ABACUS. I am also confident in my abilities to proficiently use and adapt to any system that the society may currently employ to manage finances with my long term experience with relevant software.

One of my main focuses for the next year will be to increase the budget both via an effective allocation of subsidies as well as via aiming to obtain the Union grant. This will enable us to make more events and each one more accessible. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to be able to contribute to improving the subsidies and experiences that the members will find in ABACUS next year.