Photo of Raymond Zhu

Raymond Zhu

ABACUS: Junior Treasurer

My mom always told me 要会省着花,才能舍得花, meaning you need to know how to save that money, to ball out when you want.

If you know me in person, you know I am that guy who always orders tap water when eating out, but not afraid to pop a bottle of goose for y’all every now and then. I believe living this lifestyle has been perfect for helping me develop the kind of money managing skills a treasurer needs in ABACUS, after all we are the best clubbing society you can find on campus.

I’m going to be honest and tell you that I have no prior experience in being a prefect or club committee member in high school. But I don’t see this as a weakness, rather, a strength. Why? I never ran for a leadership position in my old school simply because I felt indifferent towards them, so why would I spend my time and effort pretending to do so just for a position?

But ABACUS is different. You are my family.

I’m standing here today because I care about you guys.

I will be learning the in-and-outs of this position from the ground up, and work closely with all of you, committee or not, to make next year the most lit year of IC ABACUS history.

My name is Raymond, and you should vote for me as your new treasurer.