Photo of June Chong

June Chong

ABACUS: Junior Treasurer

ABACUS is an organisation that embraces both Chinese and British cultures. As treasurer, I will do my best to ensure continued use of this great platform that enables students to express themselves and builds up useful connections over time.

 This position demands a high level of organisation as well as the ability to work under pressure, which I will maintain throughout the year.

 As Academic Representative for Medical Biosciences, I have gained a considerable amount of experience in report writing and conference skills. I am confident that these qualities will be applicable as treasurer, particularly when it comes to completing an early annual budget to the Student Union which will provide grants for the society.

 As Representative for Beit Hall and Head of House at school, I have had the opportunity to practise leadership, both the management and teamwork sides of it. The most important feature of the latter has been communication skills, which are crucial for effective collaboration.

 I am confident in my ability to network externally with other universities so that we can pull together resources for these events and establish new relationships with these societies. Venue hire and ticket subsidy will require negotiation skills which I am eager to learn.

 Internships in the departments of accounting and insurance have taught me the importance of healthy financial accounts and steady flow between income and expenditure; maintaining sufficient liquidity is key in continuing to organise the fun and memorable events that everyone enjoys.