Photo of Soha Ayaz

Soha Ayaz

Photosoc: Events Officer

Being a member of the Photosoc, I have nominated myself to stand for the Leadership Elections 2019 as the Events Officer for Photosoc in the coming year. My previous event organising experiences from school, college and internship firms back home in Pakistan, gave me the opportunity to polish my teamwork and communication skills. I started doing photography at the age of 14 as a hobby and saved up to buy my own DSLR. Despite owning a basic camera, I bought new lenses and explored photography in different ways, ranging from portraits to landscape and moving on further to street photography. This led me to covering college events as a photographer as well as official events linked to my father's business. I interned as a photographer for two firms.
Along side, I learned how to organise events in time-pressured situations and with low budget and resources which includes; an inter-school entrepreneurial competition in January 2017, an inter-school science competition in January 2018, organising health awareness campaigns and setting up a stall at annual health exhibition for an internship firm and non-profit organisation respectively.
I believe, this position in Imperial's Photosoc would be most appropriate for someone like me who has her roots gripped over photography and event management.