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Matthew Cavuto

Dance Club: Beginners' Trainer

Whazzzup y'all!?! I am running for Beginners' Trainer with none other than the lovely and talented Iris Roatis! Naturally, I would be handling the Latin side of things, while Iris would be rocking Ballroom. This is the main change from previous years that we felt would be a benefit to future beginners. By having two trainers instead of one, each will be able to dedicate more time and attention to their respective style of dance, while also being more specialized and capable in their knowledge to do so. Beginners will get double support with both of us there, always having at least one trainer to ask for help, something that’s especially important at comps. Additionally, leaders and followers can now bring specific questions regarding these roles to either me or Iris respectively. Of course, we are also here to help with everything else. Whether a beginner has insecurities about dance steps/music, lacks morale, is curious about how competitions work, or is in need of a partnering skills talk, we'll be there. Oh, and the most important thing. We will always be in contact with our pro coaches, making sure that the beginners learn everything the way Marika or Laura would teach it. Let’s make Beginners’ Trainer great again.