Photo of Anna Litovskikh

Anna Litovskikh

Dance Club: Beginners' Trainer


My name is Anna and I am the current Beginner’s Trainer:) I have been doing Ballroom and Latin American dance professionally for over 14 years. During most part of my life I have been practicing dance daily for 3-4 hours. I won many international dance competitions!

Having had a very successful year with my current Beginner’s Team I decided to run for this position for next year again. I loved sharing my passion for dance and seeing my students win on competitions!

I have over 3 years of dance teaching experience. Apart from being the trainer of our current Beginner’s Team this year, I have also taught children for over 2 years. I learnt how to explain dance movements effectively and I am very attentive to students.

I am also a very positive and easy-going person. For me it is very important that every student has fun in my lessons as I believe that by enjoying them they learn a lot better. I love seeing my students smile and enjoy their time.

One of my strengths is the fact that I have been doing both Ballroom and Latin American dance professionally all my life. I understand the mechanics of movement of both dance types very well and by combining the two I am able to deliver high quality teaching of both Ballroom and Latin by myself.

Please have a look at the video of me dancing using the link below:)

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