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Enda Mulville

Dance Club: Art Director

Good evening my fellow Dancers!

I am sure many of you may think that I am over-qualified for this position. And while it is true that not only do I have a distinction in BTEC Level 3 Graphic Design, and my sister is a third year Illustration student but I also know at least 6 other people studying art; I want to reassure you that I am willing to devote my vast talent and huge resources (Paint / GIMP and laptop) to the branding and image of this society.

While I am aware that following in the deep footsteps left behind by the artistic titan Alistair McMurray, I will try my best to not only maintain the high standard set but perhaps one day pass Alistair in my contribution towards the artistic legacy of Imperial College Dance Club.

I hope that I have been effective in presenting my sincerity towards this role and that you will consider me as your next Art Director.

Please find attached a poster I made as a concept piece. It's kinda sleek if I can say so myself...