Photo of Emma Guimaraes

Emma Guimaraes

Dance Club: Art Director

As a committed member of the dance club, I would love to be more involved in helping the club reach out to as many people as possible. I feel that, as Art director, I could bring some exciting and creative ideas for events ( for example, I could provide face painting during socials) and competitions, and could bring value when showcasing the club through posters and images. I have pursued art for many years and have learnt to use many different media ,so I believe I could provide some insight on new ways we could represent the dance club.
I am currently in the salsa and bachata freestyle team as well as the bachata performance team. So, I feel that being a part of the committee would also be an opportunity to get to know members of the ballroom and Latin teams and represent them as art director.
I have been welcomed into the club and the dance teams this year with the utmost friendliness and support and being a part of the committee would allow me to show my gratitude in the best way I know how, through art and design.
Thank you for your consideration, I hope I can count on your vote.