Photo of Carlota Sole Escobar

Carlota Sole Escobar

Dance Club: Wardrobe Master/Mistress

Hello my fellow dancers!!
Even tough I have only been part of the Dance Club for less than a year, I have come to consider it as sort of a second home. This is why I wish to become more involved and help it continue to succeed by being in charge of its main facade (apart from the dancing obviously)...its lavish wardrobe. I know how important is is to look like a winner as it greatly increases your chances of actually winning, and therefore I intend to fit everyone in the attire they like and brings out the best in them. Needless to say I will protect all the pieces of the wardrobe and check they are returned in perfect conditions. I love the dresses and for that reason I am greatly encouraged to ensure their safekeeping.
Thank you for your consideration.