Photo of Samuel Shapley

Samuel Shapley

Snowsports: Apres-Ski Secretary

Après-Ski. What does it mean to us? While the elegant French term makes us feel like we are going to dine with the stars, we all know the truth. 2 hours of gently bouncing up and down to rollercoaster, beer in hand, looking forward to a bit of Napres before the evening really commences.

As your social secretary, it will be my job to bring joy to your life off the slopes, both in and out of season. What I lack in knowledge for my end of year exams I make up for with my love of skiing, BUDs, and our freestyle captain. I have extensive experience drinking, which I hope to incorporate into my role. What’s better than a free bottle of wine at mountain meal? (HINT: two bottles of wine.) When I'm not in my underwear on the top of a mountain, you'll find me dressed in a suit covered in stars.

If I get this opportunity, expect to see more socials, more VKs, and a beautiful chain of events in the first term leading up to trip, all crafted so you can meet more edgy people like you. As your social secretary, I’ll be happy to chat around campus, just look out for the middle-class boy in a committee jacket.

Whether you are an active member of snowsports, or you only attend the trip, vote for me for the best seshes you've ever seen. Please. My self-esteem depends on it.