Photo of Chloe Orsini

Chloe Orsini

Snowsports: Chair

Another season almost over: never thought a social sec’s job would involve stalling VT gendarmes during an impromptu strip tease battle, but planning socials & trip with the rest of committee and seeing you all turn up and take it to the next level made my year.

As Snowsports chair, I’d love to use what I’ve learned to ensure we continue enjoying everything the club has to offer, from socials to competitions to the loosest, beautifulest, best week of your winter.

That means:

❄ More pre-trip beginners’ lessons: sky high demand this year, let’s subsidize them further, allow snow-virgins to discover all these new sensations and connect with same level skiers.

❄ Early socials to integrate (snow)freshers and meet fellow trippers... and many late, pêchy socials to drown post trip blues/term time stress.

❄ Make freestyle and race events more accessible by advertising them online and at dedicated socials – where you’ll find you don’t need to be a backflip addict/lightning bolt to compete...

❄ Big up our unmissable Freshers tour (BUDS): get out word even earlier to convince some more new faces to follow us to the dryslopes, clubs and curry houses of Edinburgh.

❄ Improve on-trip communication with our tour operator-make that hectic week simpler for us all.

And know that I’ll always be available, on and off-trip, to hear any feedback or new ideas you have.

So get ready for another round of hors-pistes, table dancing, vin chaud, bounci-bounci, curries, lost teeth, pierced ears, and so much more...

See you at après!