Photo of James Cheng

James Cheng

Tennis: Men's 3rd Captain

Hey guys, I’m James and as some of you will know, I’ve been on the teams for the last 2 years. Having had previous experience as captain of my school team, I believe that I have the aptitude and diligence to carry out the responsibilities that this role entails. As a successful season for M3 is drawing to a close –(we should get promoted and reached the cup semi-finals), I am looking forward to next season which promises to be even better!

My primary motivation for running is to further improve the experience of M3 players. I would like to introduce a bit more structure to weekly training sessions with an eye on preparing for BUCS matches as well as identifying and working on areas of weakness from previous matches (not every week though, sometimes it’s nice just to hit with your mates!). Attendance and player availability has been a bit of a problem especially towards the tail end of the season and I will look to address this in order to put out as strong a team as possible for every game. I will also endeavour to run trials and rank players fairly – easier said than done but this was a real issue this year. Most importantly of all, I want to ensure that everyone is enjoying their tennis and encourage more team players to go to socials (something I need to improve on too!).

If you have any queries/suggestions feel free to get in touch with me.