Photo of Charles McFadzean

Charles McFadzean

Cross Country & Athletics: Mens Captain

I’m Charlie McFadzean (muck-fad-jun), a 2nd year Materials Scientist keen to take over as Mens Captain from our beloved Jack McKeon, even if they are big shoes to fill.

I joined the club with less running miles in my legs than Imperial student satisfaction scores, but I was met with open arms and a bucket load of events and motivation. Now, running and socials have found their place in my routine. No doubt, that first Wednesday run of 2017 was a solid choice.
Exclusivity isn’t what we are about and anyone can fit right in to the ICXCAC fam.
That said, GAINS. Points mean prizes and the competitive side of the club is something that I believe is important to encourage and nurture.
I want to give people the help that I feel I have been given from the last two committees (big love).

What I got (skillz):
• Training knowledge (albeit in cycling but come on, gimme a break)
• Organisation (fun fact was head boy at my school)
• Positivity (thumbs always up*)
What I’m thinking:
• Tempo sessions and a more season focused calendar that adapts our training to busier times in terms of racing (#worksmarternotharder)
• Casual weekend trips near London for hills and air that is slightly less cancerous

I really do look forward to welcoming the newbies at the end of the summERRRR(?).

Well there you go. That’s me, that’s what I’m about, the rest is up to you.

Charlie out.
*Subject to availability.