Photo of Georgia Curry

Georgia Curry

Cross Country & Athletics: Womens Captain

Hi, I’m Georgia- running to be YOUR Women’s Captain 2019/20! Why am I going for this prestigious role? Let’s throwback to Wednesday afternoon: there’s war paint, muddy legs and smiles all round. Through the commitment, support and enthusiasm shown by all ICXCAC competitors and spectators: ICXCAC women fly to victory. Taking our final group photo: I have never felt prouder to be part of this amazing group of people- I want to continue leading the women’s team to success and give back to my ICXCAC family.
Why me? I love XC: having run competitively for 11 years, I have the knowledge and passion to support our girls. ICXCAC is my uni life: I attend 5 sessions/week, participate in races from LCLs to BUCS, and support our athletes even during injury. From neon runs to Couch-to-5k, Snowdonia to Poland, I am always involved, not to mention my dedication to sports’ nights! A captain should inspire and lead by example: I give my all to every event. Through tour secretary, organising breakfast runs/baking socials and leading intervals, I understand how ICXCAC runs.
To take ICXCAC girls from #standard to super, I will:
• Develop performance (introduce hill sessions and secure strength&conditioning sessions with Ethos)
• Encourage stretching and strength training for injury prevention
• Promote accessibility (support Couch-to-5k and introduce slower running groups)
• Increase female participation in all aspects (trail and athletics)
• Use more GLITTER!!
We are an all-inclusive club with amazing potential; I promise to listen, support and encourage you ALL-ICXCAC lets do this!