Photo of James Millett

James Millett

Cross Country & Athletics: Athletics Captain

Include an athletics and Sunday run/breakfast bonanza every month. This will combine with the typical breakfast run but with a difference. Those who want to have a long run go for a run around wormwood scrubs and those who want to do athletics do athletics. But, we then combine post athletics and the run for a breakfast together.

Have athletics socials every fortnight in the TVH clubhouse post Tuesday or Thursday track session. This will include dinner; e.g. pizza.

An athletics Easter pre-season training camp (3 days): Friday Saturday and Sunday after the last week of spring term.

Some “get to know you social” e.g. bowling; building on 2018-2019’s success.

Post-race socials; this can include dinner after LUCA and use of my house for LUCA outdoors.

Have two online releases for ticket allocations in events for ICACXC. This system is used by Triathlon. Preferably, separated by three days and a change the time from 12:00 to a more convenient time.