Photo of Aymeric Regnier

Aymeric Regnier

Cross Country & Athletics: Secretary

Hi everyone, I’m Aymeric and I’m running for secretary. For those who don’t know me, I’m a second year Aero student, have been part of ICXCAC since Freshers last year and this year, alongside Henry Hart, I was one of the Hyde Park Relays Organisers.

Being Secretary demands organisation, time management and most importantly, great communication skills. I believe I’ve developed and displayed these so far at university, and can apply them to do a great job as secretary since I know my way around the club and the union quite well, due to my general involvement with the club’s activities and having:

- Organised the Hyde Park Relays
- Been on the LUCA committee for a year now as Editor-in-Chief, responsibilities include publishing articles, managing the website and social media.
- Written a range of articles for Felix

If you put your trust in me, you won’t regret it.

I’ll do my best to take care of Duncan’s worthy legacy, manage the club's communication, help out the chair and the rest of the committee whenever necessary, and in general be there to give advice whenever I can to anyone, and of course keep the weekly emails lean, fun and punctual as we like them.

You can expect a strong return of the Strava segment of the week in the email along with potential sections such as what alumni are up to, captain's running tips and LUCA news, depending on interest.

Cheers for reading, if you have any questions, ask me at hustings!