Photo of Thomas Bayley

Thomas Bayley

Cross Country & Athletics: Treasurer

Hello everyone! If you haven’t heard of me my name is Tom Bayley and I am currently in my second year studying EEE, which means I have had the privilege of being part of the best club (hope no fencers are reading this) for nearly two years now. In this time, I have thoroughly enjoyed representing Imperial in LUCA races and, of course, the socials or what I can remember of them. The much-loved sessions every week have helped me to improve my running, and a cheeky excel spreadsheet I’ve been updating with my 5km times since 2016, shows using linear regression forecasting that in 14 years I’ll have finished before I’ve even started - can’t wait! The club has also given me the opportunity to meet lots of great people and the ultimate way in which I could show my thanks would be to take the reins as treasurer.

Insofar as experience goes, I have:
• been Novice Secretary for fencing so have a perspective on how a committee operates and am aware of the dedication required from a committee member;
• sold sweeties at school for 3 years without getting caught, eventually taking payment by card via a card reader on my phone; and
• been involved in numerous Electronics projects in which I have had to meet tight budgets.

Pledge if elected: To make an app, over the summer, that aids the treasurer (including future ones) by making budgeting super easy and allowing for financial records to be stored efficiently.