Photo of Jack McKeon

Jack McKeon

Cross Country & Athletics: Chair

I am the current Men’s Captain of ICXC wanting to take on the role of Club Captain next academic year. I would love to be responsible in maintaining Fergus’ high *standard* and banter level, driving ICXC to a successful future.

I have frequently attended our training sessions, socials and events and have built solid relationships with fellow athletes. Leading the BOYS as well as my previous committee experience as secretary of Muay Thai and Alban Hall has taught me what it takes to run a flourishing society. I have the diligence, organisation and communication skills to do so.

It's important to cater for runners of all abilities. The 'C25K' programme should be repeated next year. The variety of our sessions allows members to choose which ones work best for them. However, it can be beneficial to train smart, for example, to specific paces. I would like implement more of a structure between sessions such as intervals and provide (optional) advice and techniques on efficiently progressing as runners and *avoiding injury*. More hill work during the XC season would be useful and I'd try to organise more squad trips to relay races at different universities across the country.

Cliché but it's important for you to have a say as well as our committee. I would impose more regular feedback surveys as this vital in progressing as a club. You can expect our packed schedule to be ran smoothly and hopefully, another bagging of the Mike Bagg’s trophy.

Thank you.