Photo of Henry Hart

Henry Hart

Cross Country & Athletics: Chair

Why should you vote for Henry Hart, Hyde-Park-Relays Organiser with Aymeric (2019) and Trail Captain (2018), as Club Captain?

There are 2 key policies I want to focus on to make this club EVEN BETTER!

The first is to ENHANCE THE CLUB EXPERIENCE of every current and prospective member. As someone who has been steadily improving for the last 10-years and developing a passion for the sport, I can act as a mentor to aid others in achieving their own goals, whatever they may be. I will ensure that great initiatives like Couch-to-5k and Circuits are continued, as well as promoting a welcoming atmosphere generally at socials and sessions alike. I want to continue the recent expansion of the Trail division and particularly increase female participation.

My second policy is to TWEAK TRAINING. Compared to other Universities, our training could leverage a number of key elements: principally a tempo run and a season periodisation plan. Full details are set out in the attached PDF. Effective training can benefit ALL abilities, helping runners to get fitter and achieve their goals across the board.

When we achieve these aims, we will see MORE people all running FASTER. As for my suitability to carry out this task, I believe I have demonstrated passion for the sport through my committed training; leadership and organisational experience through my 2 positions on committee (Trail and HPR); and lastly a willingness to graft for the club by FINALLY ‘negotiating’ the return of the Horn.