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James Cochrane

Boat: Events Officer

After a year of mediocre (at best) representation in terms of club socials I believe I’m the perfect candidate to resuscitate the dying ICBC social calendar. For example, I have flawless attendance at socials meaning I know what makes a good event. I also have some good ideas for improving the major social events of the year such as having more trees and fewer firemen at the Christmas bonfire as well as aiming to have enough people turn up for at least one eight at Christmas eights. On top of this, as a UKAD accredited advisor I feel I am in an ideal position to advise rowers on the best supplements for taking their socials to the next level. Finally, I believe that novice participation at social events is of paramount importance and I’m the perfect candidate to encourage this via my strong connections to the novice squad. These stem from our similar rowing styles and recent joint endeavour at Hammersmith head. So, I invite you all to join me on the pilgrimage to Seshlehem and vote for me as your new social sec. Thank you and Alladin.