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James Harrison

Boat: Captain

Hi all,

For those who don't know me, I'm Jimmy, and I'm in my third year studying physics. I've been a member of the boat club since my first year at Imperial, and last year I held the role of kit officer, during which time I created a charity tank-top to raise money for charity, and promote suicide awareness. Over my time here I've come to appreciate the ways in which this club succeeds, and where I think it can be improved. In the role of Captain I would like to particularly focus on the club community, diversity, and welfare, as these are the areas which I feel a captain can best influence. Rowing, studying, and maintaining your own well-being at Imperial can be a daunting task, which I myself have struggled with at times, so I would like to make this task easier for all members of the club by introducing a welfare representative, increasing the welfare roles of the captains, and increasing education on issues like depression. I would also like to continue to expand the diversity of the club, specifically by increasing the representation of women in the club, by expanding the size of the women's squad. As well I would like to better integrate all the squads through more mixed social events, such as post-training meals, to ensure that every member feels fully included.

My vision for the club is for everyone to feel valued, and part of a supportive community, striving to succeed together.