Photo of Filip Weidler

Filip Weidler

Badminton: Social Captain

My name is Filip Weidler, I am a first-year maths student from Sweden who would like to be the male social team captain next year.
I have played badminton for seven years and have played in a team setting for the three last years before coming to university.
I am applying to be the male social team captain because I feel I could bring a lot of experience and know-how to the team having participated in inter-club teams at home and experienced how fun they can be, and it is something I believe more people should try.
I think that I could benefit the team because of my experience and familiarity with the concept of the social team but also the responsibilities that come with being the team captain.
I would like to introduce other club members to the social team, and hopefully show them how much fun the more competitive side of badminton can be, make them feel like it is an enjoyable and encourage them to continue to participate in the social team encounters against other universities but also in tournaments such as the one the club organises.
Lastly, I greatly look forward to the possibility of contributing more to the club and having a more active role in it.