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Haganta Ginting

Badminton: Sponsorship Manager

Badminton in the UK is not cheap. Each court in Ethos costs 9£ to rent, meaning our average session costs the club 36£. This is discounting any other costs we have, such as replacing shuttlecocks, repairing/replacing club rackets that are lost/broken, and any other overhead we might have. I am aware that the club already has several sponsors that subsidizes our costs, including things such as shuttlecocks, but despite that as far as I am aware our operational costs are still fairly high. As a result, our membership fees are on the higher end of clubs in Imperial, which in my view would discourage anyone who was not already quite familiar with badminton from joining. In my country, badminton is a sport that is played by many because it is so easy and cheap to pick up; it would be a shame if there were some people interested in our club who refrained from joining due to its cost.

In line with that objective, I will try to reach out to as many companies as I can to obtain sponsorships for our club. Hopefully, this would mean that costs for everyone in the club will be lower. Even though it is my first year here, my experience in Imperial's Badminton society has been one of the better things about Imperial, and I am running for sponsoship manager in the hope that I can make that experience more accesible to everyone.