Photo of Yan Choi

Yan Choi

Badminton: Secretary

Hi there! I am Cherizza Choi, a first year microbiology student, and I am running for the General Secretary position with proposer Clinton Ng.

I joined the team this year and to me, the team isn’t just a platform to get together people who are passionate about this sport, it’s a family. I am one of the very few freshers this year in the team, and all the members made me feel very welcomed. The friendships I’ve made with the team and society members were so genuine that it unexpectedly gave me a sense of belonging in Imperial. The team helped me so much in my fresher year that it inspired me to run for the committee. As I got so much from the team, I want to give back to the badminton society.

Having been in various leadership positions, I believe I have the ability to help within the committee. I took up positions like president, prefect, secretary and marketing director of various committees. These experiences taught me how to work with others to organise events. I aim to be inclusive to all the members so they enjoy being part of this sincere community.

Badminton made my first year as amazing as it sounds, and I really hope to be a welcoming senior next year to the freshers. I have a strong passion to make IC badminton a great one and I hope to become a great general secretary. Thank you so much for your time!