Paediatrics: Play Team Coordinator


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Hi! My name is Rajas and I am a third year medic. I love spending time with children and I have a keen interest in paediatrics. I have been a part of PaedsSoc for the past 2 years and enjoyed spending time with children in the hospital as part of Playteam. I would love the chance to contribute again, this year as Playteam coordinator. I have been School Liaison officer and VP for Teddybear Hospital which has... read more
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Hi! I’m Aleena, a 3rd year medic, and I’m running for Play Team Coordinator. Having been an active member of Paediatrics Society for 3 years now, as both a volunteer and Play Team Leader, my love for paediatrics has continued to grow. Play Team has been one of the highlights of my time at Imperial; I’ve been amazed at how playing with children for just a few hours can make a difference to their time in hospital and... read more
Hi everyone!! I've been a part of play team for 3 years now. That's 3 years of knowledge of how the society runs, where we are lacking and how we could make the society even better. I know many volunteers and members of the society well and my organisational skills are a massive asset, which will help in the day to day running of the society. Rajas and myself will be running together and giving us this... read more
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Hi! I'm Jess, a third-year medic. I've been doing Play Team since first year and have really enjoyed being a member so would like to get more involved in the society next year. This year I have also been tutoring year 2s for OSPE which I have found to be a rewarding experience and generally am always up for giving (hopefully useful) advice and helping out others where possible. I am very organised and... read more