Mathematics: Publicity Officer


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Hi! I’m Will, a first year maths student, running for the role of publicity officer. As publicity officer I will be advertising MathSoc events to encourage large turnouts. I will do this by spreading the word on social media and with posters around the department. I studied Media GCSE and the skills that I learnt on the course give me a solid foundation for this role. Also, I enjoy using social media, and am keen... read more
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Hi I'm Nick and i'd love to be your publicity officer for next year! As I sit here typing this I have Adobe Illustrator open in another window so you KNOW I mean business. I also have GCSE Art so I might be overqualified but I'm sure this won't affect my ability to work well in the committee. Improvements I'd bring to this role include a e s t h e t i c images to build hype like nothing else... read more
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