Mathematics: President


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Hi everyone! I’m Aishy, currently Social Events Officer for MathSoc and I’m keen to do even more by running for President. Being on committee this year, I gained an understanding of how the entire society works, allowing me to be able to run MathSoc very effectively next year. I have gone above and beyond my role, revamping our publicity and social media, adding over 10 new events and above all by assisting... read more
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DISCLAIMER: COULDN´T ADD EMOJIS TO THIS, CHECK ATTACHED PDF!!! Y0U, YES, Y0U Tired of BOring manifestos? GooD, because HERE lies the ANSWER to your problems ;) I am JULIO PEREZ, and my goal is to MakË MatHSÖc GrEat for the FIRST TIME. Here are some of the reasons why YOU should vote JP™️ for PResident: ✅ I will be a President FOR the people NOT OF the people ✅ I will build a WALL with CoMpUTing and... read more
Vote me Rayan to be your next mathsoc president