Mathematics: President


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Hi everyone! I’m Aishy, currently Social Events Officer for MathSoc and I’m keen to do even more by running for President. Being on committee this year, I gained an understanding of how the entire society works, allowing me to be able to run MathSoc very effectively next year. I have gone above and beyond my role, revamping our publicity and social media, adding over 10 new events and above all by assisting... read more
Vote me Rayan to be your next mathsoc president
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DISCLAIMER: COULDN´T ADD EMOJIS TO THIS, CHECK ATTACHED PDF!!! Y0U, YES, Y0U Tired of BOring manifestos? GooD, because HERE lies the ANSWER to your problems ;) I am JULIO PEREZ, and my goal is to MakË MatHSÖc GrEat for the FIRST TIME. Here are some of the reasons why YOU should vote JP™️ for PResident: ✅ I will be a President FOR the people NOT OF the people ✅ I will build a WALL with CoMpUTing and... read more