ICSMSU: Clubs & Societies Vice Chair - Sports and Arts


Hey everybody! Anyone who knows me even vaguely knows me as this short lil girl always on a mission to get to some sort of rehearsal/match. Truth is, immersing myself in the clubs and societies of ICSM is an incredible outlet, and has given me the best memories of med school - whether it be winning varsity, smashing a production or simply meeting the most amazing, dedicated people. I know this is the case for so... read more
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My name’s Chris and this year I would love to be your ICSM Clubs & Socs Vice Chair (Sports and Arts). It’s really important that everyone feels like they can get involved with Sports & Arts Clubs, even if they have never tried it before and I want to encourage as many people as possible to try something new. This year, having been on committee for water polo, light opera and RAG, I know I can work with with... read more