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Union Council has the potential to be a fierce voice for students’ interests in challenging the university, and a crucial tool for holding all the other folks you’ll elect this week to account to their constituents. However in the four years I’ve attended Council meetings, I’ve seen it consistently fail to live up to this potential. Instead, it gets bogged down in technical discussions about constitutions and... read more
The Union Council is our student decision-making body within the Union, but only a handful of students are aware of what goes on and how the Union improves student life. Your voice matters and I believe we can ensure that Imperial College London always listens to and acts on student feedback in order to make it number 1 globally. As a currently Elected Imperial Horizon Representative, I am working hard to improve... read more
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Union Council meetings are there to decide on actions and policies that follow your best interests, the students, not to suggest all the ideas. Yet very few who aren't on Council go, and even fewer bring their ideas for discussion. Having taken up committee positions previously I learned there are often better suggestions you should listen to, and more steps to carry them into tangible outcomes. I will work... read more