CGCU: Vice President


Hello All, My name is Abdirahman Ismail and I am running for the position of Vice President of CGCU. The CGCU is brilliant in so many ways, but I believe it can be even better. We need a fresh approach that offers new solutions to old problems, and I’m confident that I can provide this. [REDACTED] As your CGCU Vice President, [REDACTED] If elected, I will achieve the following: - [REDACTED] - Work with other... read more
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Hello! I'm Fatima and I’m a second year Chemical Engineer. I’ve learnt a lot in my time as your Guildsheet Editor through creating the fresher’s guide, designing marketing campaigns, and helping with the organisation of events. I’ve also learnt about the intricacies of running a 25-strong committee. My main goal as your VP is to take the CGCU back to its roots, by being an advocate for you. You might not... read more