CGCU: Spanner Bearer (Events Officer)


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I am Atri Sharma, a second year aeronautical engineering student. I have been preparing vigorously for this role, by training thrice a week in the gym for the past three months. I believe I have the strength to the bear the mighty spanner so pls vote for me. On a more serious note, I have plenty of experience organising events, as I was part of the Indian Society Committee. In my second year I was part of the... read more
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Raphael Spanner When you think of a spanner…. what do you think? Well, I hope that next year, you think of me because I want to become one with the CGCU spanner. On my first day, when I walked across fresher’s fair I was instantly stunned by the beauty of the CGCU spanner. I really loved “all its curves and all its edges… all it’s perfect imperfections” - JL. A spanner is solid, strong, unyielding.... read more